Particle functions not always showing in Console


I have SYSTEM_MODE on AUTOMATIC and SYSTEM_THREAD is not enabled.
I declare my particle functions in the setup() routine.

Looking into the particle console, I usually see the particle functions. But when I upload some new code and flash it to the electron, the functions are not appearing anymore.
Any hint what causes this?


Where in setup()?
Registration has to occure ASAP after the cloud connection got established.

Where in Console are you looking - at the device or account level?

It is the only thing I am doing in setup. nothing else, just declaring the particle functions.

And in the console I am looking at the specific device.

What does the RGB LED do on the device?
Do you get the “came online” even of the device in console?
Have you tried calling the functions via CLI (e.g. particle call <deviceName> <fnName> <arg=x>)?
Can you try reflashing Tinker (e.g. via particle flash --usb tinker -v) and see whether its functions register correctly?

I hate to have to ask this, but it wouldn’t be the first time…

This ‘new code’ you’re flashing… It does have functions as well, right?

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The RGB LED is beathing cyan.
And in the console I get the normal came online data in the console (vital data and so on)

yes, it is the same code.
Just modified some Serial.print Statements.