Preventing Wifi spamming (security discussion)

Consider this hack: I’ve pondered making something like this just for fun, but I never spent the time. Given how easily you can create an AP with a microcontroller these days, this was bound to happen at some point. It’s a very clever hack that can really ruin any Wifi setup and given the range that the ESP-modules can get, it’ll absolutely cause havoc.

Having a business based on Particle’s wifi modules, this worries me and I would love to discuss how to overcome this. How could I make a setup that would not fail is someone walked in with one of these?

I don’t know what environments you operate you Photons in - but in general I have found WiFi on customer sites to be super problematic. I am still trying to get the WPA Enterprise security to work. Hopefully close to a workable solution. If you are worried about this sort of hack on WiFi then maybe now is the time to investigate Mesh network? Although I am sure someone will create a similar tool for 802.15.4 that can screw it about.

Yeah. Pretty much anyone can create a tool like this for any radio type, but the main thing here is that the project behind this was created to highlight a security-problem with wifi that allows this deauthentication attack to happen. You can easily force anyone off a wifi network using this. I hoped this would spark some discussion on how the Particle Wifi devices will handle such an attack.

I guess I’ll just set up a NodeMCU board to test it.

The WiFi deauth attack is a protocol-based attack–the device doesn’t really matter.