WifiManager like system

I’ve been using an ESP8266 for a bit, and it has a convenient functionality of automatically creating a Wifi access point if it can’t connect to Wifi itself. You can then connect to the temporary hotspot and configure Wifi for the board.

Is it possible to do something like that for particle?

Check if it’s connected to wifi, and if not, enter listening mode? Or use a SoftAP setup.

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I didn’t realize it already does some of that stuff. I tried to connect to one of my photons APs, but I’m not sure what to do after that. Just going to doesn’t do anything. Is it possible to configure it AP with a captive portal, so users don’t have to know the URL?

Haven’t really played with it much, but I’m pretty sure the SoftAP has a copy&paste example in the docs that you could give a shot.
Not sure about the captive portal idea, haven’t heard of anyone using it like that so far.

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I haven’t seen an MDNS example with SoftAP…

I’ve tried to put the stock SoftAP together with the MDNS library in the IDE… but no luck.

It would be terrific and add a lot to a project I’m working on now!

You’d need to have a firmware on it that provides a SoftAP page like here

Without such a firmware installed, you’ll just get a file download with hello in it.