Prevent Argon From Searching For Wifi

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I am trying to use my Argon board in Manual mode so that it does not try and connect to the internet while in use.

//connect argon via mesh
Serial.println("Mesh is connected");
Mesh.subscribe("R", registerPlayerHandler);
Mesh.subscribe("P", gpsDataHandler);
Mesh.subscribe("D", xenonDebugger);;

Is the code I am currently using. The Argon begins breathing white, then flashing green while connecting to the mesh, breathing green once its connected, but then flashing green again after the Mesh.subscribes (there are some delays not copied) and I think I understand that the Argon requires Wifi to set up the mesh, however once it does can the mesh function without a wifi connection? I am receiving Mesh.publishes from the xenons while the argon searches for wifi which makes me think the mesh can be supported offline, but is there a way to prevent the argon from searching for wifi? Any thoughts? All the best!


When you call WiFi.connect() your Argon will inevitalbly search for the WiFi network.
For mesh connection only you don’t want WiFi.on() nor WiFi.connect().



Thanks @ScruffR, I appreciate the clarification! Unfortunately we are still a little confused.

while(Mesh.connecting()){Serial.println("Connecting to Mesh"); delay(4000);}
if(Mesh.ready()){Serial.println("Mesh is ready");}
else{Serial.println("Mesh is not ready");};

When I call Mesh.connect(), the device goes from breathing white to blinking green, which is why I thought that Mesh.connect() required Wifi. The device stays blinking green even after calling
We would like to conserve power by having the board not search for wifi, however can’t seem to make it stop blinking green. Is the blinking green misleading, or is there something we need to do to connect to the mesh without searching for wifi? Thank you for the help!


WiFi and mesh are two independent radios.
While the mesh connection is completely handled by the nRF52840 main controller, the WiFi on the other hand is the business of the ESP32 networking co-processor.
So in order to setup a mesh you’d not need to light up the NCP at all.

However, since the normal mode of operation for a mesh network is “expected” to connect to the cloud the “legacy” LED signals just don’t provide good means to provide the status of the two directions (mesh internal vs. cloud-bound) simultaneously.

I think the green blinking is misleading.

However, re-reading your OP this sentence would need more clarification

A gateway device does not usually connect to a mesh but establish the network for other devices to join.
Are you saying you have another device “creating” the mesh and that Argon connect to it?