Pressure sensor failed, any ideas on altitude?

so I have an electron in the wild that used to have a gps and a pressure sensor, but both have failed so now I’m left with celllocate only to find it. Any ideas on capturing the altitude using only the electron?
Does not have to be accurate just give a rough estimate.


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The cellular locate is not very accurate, making it very hard to use that data to find the Electrom unless its attached to something large and easy to spot.

:grimacing: sounds like it’s in bad shape!

Do you know if it moved since the gps and pressure sensor stopped working?

Ideally you’d know its last known location right?

How bad of a shape is it in?

Oh yeah, it’s moving all the time, basically on a vehicle. The electron seems to be fine, not seeing any weird issues with the cpu, memory or battery (the life of the battery has of course degraded) but otherwise it’s fine.
The GPS failed since day 1, it was very odd, in my lab the GPS was fine but as soon as it was on the vehicle it decided, nope, no lock (even when sitting still in full sky view).
However the sensors were working up until about ~42C, it might be the temperature went even higher and because it was only reporting every hour it died between reports.

I was trying to see if there was anything in the AT command subset that could at least give me a rough estimate. However nothing that eludes to any kind of value being reported due to pressure differences.