Powering Electron directly from LiPo Solar Charger while LiPo is connected

We are planning to use MCP73871 LiPo charger IC to charge our LiPo battery using 6V solar panels.

Can we connect our Electron directly to the Vbat output of this charger, where LiPo is connected. That is, we are connecting Electron in parallel to the LiPo to the charge controller.

Can something go wrong?

The Electron has a LiPo charger built into it already with a recommended max 12v VIN charging input voltage. It works well with 6v solar panels.

What’s the point of the extra external charge controller?

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@RWB Thanks for the prompt reply. I missed out on considering the existing Charging IC inside Particle itself. I just read your other post on Powering Electron via Solar power and realized that it was such a robust IC sitting right inside Particle itself!!