Solar Powered Electron Help (Do I need a capacitor?)

Hello! I would like to power my Particle Electron using a 6V 5.6W solar panel and a 10000mah LiPo battery which also gets charged by the panel. Will I need bypass capacitors or can I just directly connect the solar panel to VIN and the battery to LI+?


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That’s all you need for proper operation. :slight_smile:


thanks RWB!

Follow up question: If I want to use a basic toggle switch for powering the particle on and off, could I just stick it in the power line of the battery? In other words, if I unplug the battery and the solar panel is still connected, would the Particle shut down or would it remain on?

It would remain on.

You could use a dual pole switch to switch both the battery and solar input at the same time.

Or you could use a pin on the Electron that when pulled low would put the Electron into deep sleep mode which would allow the battery to still charge while the Electron is sleeping.

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