Powering Argon from 5V?

Hello…New to this product
So I have been looking at the schematics for the Argon and it appears that the 5V USB input goes to the XC9258 and hence will power the ESP32 and Nordic to do all functions. I have a project in which I would like to run AC/DC adapter 5V, 10W into the Argon as it’s power source and not only use the Argon functionality (WiFi or BLE) but also allow the XC9258 to power some external sensors from the Argon 3.3V out…Does anyone see or know if I will run into any issues here, assuming I keep the external sensor current down around the 50mA range? Seems like it should work.

Yes, you power external sensors from the Argon 3V3 output when the Argon is powered by USB, VUSB (in at 5VDC), or LiPo. 50 mA will not be a problem.

I wouldn’t go above 100 mA on 3V3. The things to beware of are things that are electrically noisy (like servos and other motors or solenoids) and things with built-in heaters (like gas detectors), however those things are almost always powered at 5V not 3.3V.

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