Power shield strange publish values

Hi guys,

After a long break i start to play again with the photon and the power shield and i noticed that since 0.4.7 it always spits firmware update failed, and lately on 0.5.0 the SOC and LIPO Voltage jumped to much high without doing anything ,so after the firmware update i get with usb connected in the photon values like LIPO Voltage 4,6 and SOC like 168, 175 which should not go more than 100 so is there a firmware issue or something wrong with the hardware ? it worked ok on lower firmware and now i get this issue.


I just confirmed again, same code but 2 different readings when upgrading the firmware, so on 0.4.7 i get 4.1 V and SOC 100, 102 and on 0.5.0 i get 4.63 V and 122.8 and it changes but never below 100 so is that an firmware but or a hardware ? so far i guess it`s more a firmware as if it was hardware i would get same value on lower firmware as well

Did you ever get an answer to this?
My voltage value is 5 and my Soc comes in at 255…repeatedly. This is with and without USB power connected.


Did you ever find an answer to this? I am getting the same 255 value.