Photon power shield

I’m new to this i was wandering how to read battery level on my photon battery shield and publish it to the cloud. I’m working remote temperature unit

This should work

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Furthermore, reading the docs, and browsing the forums does actually help.

Ive Been looking at that but not sure what to do.

Yes i been do int that but not been able get things working.

Try the sample that comes with it

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Hello. I am testing the particle photon power shield, using the example in the library just to publish the SoC and voltage readings in the cloud. Unfortunately, the readings are always SoC= 256 and Voltage = 5. I’ve read extensively almost all the discussions in the forum regarding this 256 SoC wrong reading but have not found the solution. Photon is running 0.6.3. Thanks for the help.

And you have the device unplugged just powered via battery?

Yes. Only the battery is plugged (no USB). The battery is the one provided by the power shield. I also tried it with another battery that came with an electron kit but same readings. I have it running all day to also see how long the battery runs and publishing the SoC values. no changes so far.