Power Shield on Relay Shield

Is the Power Shield compatible with the Relay Shield?

I am controlling lights with the Relay Shield and want to know when the power is out which requires a battery to keep the photon alive long enough to send out the message. I have used the Power Shield for several applications already and really like it. I’m hoping I can pop it on top of the Relay Shield without an issue.

I am going to dig into the spec’s but thought I’d ask here in case someone knows or has already tried it.


Don’t see any problem with that. :wink:

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Thanks. I was specifically concerned about the need to power the Relay Shield for turning the relays on coupled with need to supply external power to the Power Shield to charge the battery. I wasn’t sure if power could be supplied to both simultaneously since both boards supply power to the Photon.

I found that the powering the Power Shield directly with a 12V 2A supply (the one Particle recommends for the Relay Shield also powers the Relay Shield. The Relay shield also operates from the battery alone. In my configuration I do not provide power directly to the Relay Shield.