Relay Shield usage and advice

I am creating an internet connected doorbell that rings whenever I get an email. I have configured my Photon so that and led blinks whenever I get an email. I need to connect this to a doorbell that requires a 12V 1 amp power supply and have it still be able to be controlled by the Photon. I am wondering if the relay shield is the best option for this or if I could use a breadboard. If a relay shield is the best option then is there a shield that is smaller and has less relays because I only need one. Also I don’t know what power supply I would use for it, so far have found this one but I am not sure if would work to power the bell and if I should get 2 to power the relays/Photon and the bell.

If your doorbell is really 12V, you could consider a single channel relay breakout board with an integral opto-isolator.

You may also be able to use simple low Rds N-channel MOSFET like:

with a flyback diode in case your bell is a simple solenoid striker. That MOSFET can handle the current, unless you get a lot of emails!!!

In addition to what @BulldogLowell mentioned, if your bell is already powered by 12V, you might even be able to use that to power your Photon/relay with, thus saving you the hassle of setting up another power supply :smile:
But for further suggestions on that end, we’d need a bit more information about the hardware you’ve got :slight_smile: