Power Shield Battery input

Will the battery pins accept/output 5vdc? If not does the shield have another port for this? I am asking this because I am using an LCD and it is much brighter at 5vdc rather than 3.7. Thanks

You’re using the Photon Power Shield, correct?


The JST battery connector can only be connected to a 3.7V LiPo battery.

In order to charge the battery you can use the USB connector on the power shield, or connect an external power supply of 7 to 20 V DC to the screw terminals.

There is no 5V output when powered by battery. To generate 5V you’d typically use a boost converter that converts from 3.3V to 5V.

Yes I was talking about the Photon Power Shield. Thank you.

Does it hurt the Shield to have a higher voltage on the JST (because I had a 4.5 vdc battery on it oops)?

The absolute maximum rating on the battery terminals of the BQ24030 is 7V so you probably didn’t damage that, but the absolute maximum rating on the MAX17043 fuel gauge is 5V, so you probably just barely escaped permanent damage.

But I definitely wouldn’t run it with a larger voltage battery on purpose. Also, it wouldn’t charge properly.

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