Power lights but blue D7 led


I am in a project group and we’re using Electron with an Arduino Nano. Everything worked but when we got a motherboard and soldered everything on, the Electron now has dimmed blue D7 led.

I am trying to figure out what it means, but every post I come over says there’s no other light, but we got a red light from power. (?)

I am not able to get my hands on it now, but I will soon be able to test. I just wonder what it means? Is it bad soldering? We only use an external LED to show that the Electron is connected to cloud and tx/rx serial. We have switches for RX/TX otherwise microcontrollers have problems booting.

I got pictures of this when I am away. That’s why I can’t do anything else than Google and ask here for assistance.


That's probably the charging LED which isn't considered in any of the discussions of the dim D7 issue, since it's completely independent of the µC.