Power asset tracker


I am using this transformer as in the attachment to power asset tracker, I am using 5 volt but still making the particle very hot, and i am worried to damage the particle , so any recommendation please?

Many Thanks

This seems to be an AC adapter, but you want DC!
The USB port should give you DC, but poor DC filtering may also cause issues over time.

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yea it tranform 240v to 3v or 5v or 12v, i am going to buy a new transformer so any recommendation in terms of Amp?

You should go for 2A minimum, but we usually have mixed feelings with the term “transformer”, since that’s commonly used for AC/AC devices :wink:

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oh sorry about that “The term”, and i hope the problem with my "transformer "not with the particle :wink:

one last thing , is it possible to connect 5 volt or 12 volt to asset tracker and remove the battery LiPo as its not need it, is that affect the age of the electron?

thank you very much

The voltage of the power supply doesn’t really make a lot of difference in regards of whether or not you can leave away the LiPo or not.
The main factors are max amperage and response time to fast power demands.

If you want to get rid of the LiPo you may need to add some extra capacitances.