I want to connect my photon core with labview without using Javascript, I used Labview Library HTTP, with but I don’t want the JSON or javascript, I want to understand why

this URL works

and this one doesn’t

well the first one labview can’t autheticate the server, does someone know?


Yor second URL is formatted like a GET request, but Particle.functions() need to be POSTed.
Have a look in the docs how the curl commands are made up.


ok, but with cURL, Can I request exactly the same way with cURL than with URL?, because I read cURL is using with command line, and I need a URL.


Hi @ysel96brigette

You cannot do a http POST request for a Particle function with just a URL–you need to add the POST parameters and they go in the body, not the URL. I am sure LabView can do a http POST request, you will have to look up exactly how.


Don’t worry, I already did it. and I can do a http post request for a Particle function with Just a URL. :smile:


Hi I am new in photon and labview also in this forum. I have read this topic maybe you can help me I want to sense a temperature sensor and show the dashboard with labview. It seems that you can help me with that. thanks so much


What have you tried so far?


HI, Moors7 Iam trying to send data via serial port from de photon to LabView (Maybe thats my first error), bc in labview I get and error. Also when I look for the COM for Photon in the Devices Manager I get that Serial Photon driver is no there.

I understand that you send the data to a cloud with photon, so I think that the way Iam doing this is wrong. Thanks for you help


Hey, I use this for serial

and I use this for read and write information on a particle server cloud


Thanks ysel96briggette i am gonna try it