Make local HTTP-Request

I want to use my photon + InternetButton to trigger lights in my HomeAutomation.
Therefore I need do a HTTP-Request to my local server.
Via terminal the request looks like this:
curl -X PUT --header "Content-Type:Application/json" --header "authorization: 031-45-154" --data "{ \"characteristics\": [{ \"aid\": 2, \"iid\": 9, \"value\": 0}] }"
Is it possible to make a request like this (local, PUT, headers and data) with a photon?
Thank’s in Advance,


Should be possible - (HTTPclient in build lib search)

Local, headers and PUT support.

Thank you.
That looks really promising. I have to admit after searching for “HTTPclient” I found better result than for “Particle Http reuqest local” :smiley:
I just couldn’t think of what this kind of lib would be called.
I’ll give it a try tonight.

It works.
Thank you a lot!