Issue wget request from Photon

Hi all,

I am new to using photons and am trying to wget a simple webpage using my photon but can’t quite figure out how to do it. Any pointers?


I can help on the web pages. Haven’t played with them, but there is a lot of info under webpages in the search box.
Webpages on Photon / SoftAP

Try doing the search first. Then the forum can normally help you if you get stuck.


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You want to issue a GET request to a HTTP server?
For this you could look at the docs for TCPClient or in Particle Build for the HTTPClient library.
If you want HTTPS there is a more involved HTTPSClient-Particle library you could look at.

Yes! I want to issue an HTTP GET request to a local server.

Hey Carbuthn,

That search didn’t give me exactly what I was looking for but ‘HTTPClient’ might be the thing I have been looking for.

Good, I wasn’t able to help you, but often the information has been asked before. New people, myself included sometime forget to search for previous answers.

The community put in a lot of time answering questions for which I am very grateful. It helps when we have looked for potential answers first. Also if we provide the applicable portions of code and a little information of what you want to do with the question they can provide help quicker.