Photon making an html request from a server

My photon is a client. I want to make a “” call to a server with both already WiFi connected. It seems this should be easy, but I can’t figure it out. I can use a browser on a tablet to make the “192.,168.4.1/bb” call and the server does as expected,but I can’t figure out the code for the photon.

What have you tried?
Have you had a look at the HTTPClient library in the public library repository?

BTW, do you not rather mean HTTP request?

Sorry to be so dense. I’m just now starting. Where is the HTTPClient library documentation. Also, when. I try to include #include <HttpClient.h>, I get “200912_minipat_rcvr.cpp:25:24: HttpClient.h: No such file or directory”

The sample that comes with the library should tell you everything you need to know :wink:
Further info can be found in the GitHub repo and articles linked therein.

Which IDE are you using?
And have you actually imported the library correctly?

For Web IDE you can look at the docs here
For Workbench

I got it, thanks

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