How To Send GET Request to Photon SoftAP HTTP Server Using A Photon TCP Client

Hi, I am trying to send a GET request using a photon TCP client to a photon SoftAP HTTP server, given the client is connected to the server’s SoftAP. I could perform the GET request successfully using my browser, but I can’t get the request to work using the photon client. I will post snippets of my client code and server code to give more context (the server code is my edited version of @ScruffR’s code from another topic):


// already established wifi connection with server's SoftAP
void loop() {

    while (!client.connect(server_ip, 80)); 

    // Send HTTP data
    client.println("GET /index.html?str1=1 HTTP/1.1");
    Serial.println("GET request sent");

    receivedData = "";

    while ( == -1); // the code stops executing from here since the request is never received by the server and no data is returned

    Serial.println("data received");, sizeof(recDataBuffer));

    // Print the string



I personally don’t think the issue lies on the server side, since the browser has no trouble reaching the site. Here it is anyways.


struct Page
    const char* url;
    const char* mime_type;
    const char* data;

Page myPages[] = {
     { "/index.html", "text/html", index_html },
     { nullptr }

void myPage(const char* url, ResponseCallback* cb, void* cbArg, Reader* body, Writer* result, void* reserved)
    char  _url[strlen(url)+1];
    char* query;
    char* value;

    Log.trace("handling page %s", url);

    strcpy(_url, url);
    if (strtok_r(_url, "?&", &query)) 
    { // is it the control page [0]?
      Log.trace("pre for() - URL: <%s>, *query: <%s>", _url, query);
      { // and has it got a query string
        Log.trace("in  for() - URL: <%s>, *query: <%s>", _url, query);
        char *token = strtok_r(query, "=", &value);
        Log.trace("*query: <%s>, *value: <%s>, *token: <%s>", query, value, token);

        if(strcmp(token, "str1") == 0) 
        { // with a key str1
          char* val = strtok_r(NULL, "?&=", &value);
          Log.trace("String1: <%s>", val);
          // logging in Serial
          Serial.println("Webpage requested.");

        query = value;  // continue with the rest

    if (strcmp(url,"/index")==0) {
        Log.trace("sending redirect");
        Header h("Location: /index.html\r\n");
        cb(cbArg, 0, 301, "text/plain", &h);

    int8_t idx = 0;
    for (;;idx++) {
        Page& p = myPages[idx];
        if (!p.url) {
            idx = -1;
        else if (strcmp(_url, p.url)==0) {

    Log.trace("refresh page%d <%s>", idx, myPages[idx].url);

    if (idx==-1) {
      cb(cbArg, 0, 404, nullptr, nullptr);
    else {
      cb(cbArg, 0, 200, myPages[idx].mime_type, nullptr);