Access tokens for Function Call in labview API

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Fred, thanks for this API, it has helped me a lot.

I was hoping you, or someone could answer me a question about the I notice that when you form the HTTP POST structure the token is not involved at all (or I dont see it anyway). But the API cloud documentation shows the token as an argument in the body. What am i missing here? is it because we have basic auth’d in during login?

got it.

I missed the header setting of the Bearer Authorization in the open connection vi (Basic Auth)

Yep - you beat me to it!

Hi again,

Well your labview library has me up and running! Thanks for the head start!

Have you figured out how to receive events in labview yet? I want my proton to fire an event up to the clousd, and my labview program to see it (subscribe to the event?). I am not even sure I can do that…

I haven’t yet figured out how to receive server side events in LabVIEW, but I have another project where we need the same feature, so I’ll post back in a couple weeks when I do have something working!

Hi Fred,

i have successfully implemented interfacing to the stream in labview! I ended up calling a curl command via powershell redirected to a file. My labview code monitors that file in a parallel process and returns stream info. Works very well and you end up with a logfile to boot!

I will post on git after I clean up and create a class driver.

Is there any way this can apply to LabWindow /CVI?