Possible to use WiFi for internet connection on a B402 / Boron?

Hello all,

I am testing with a B402 LTE Dev kit here in Australia (which is not supported by the LTE modem) and I am wondering if it is possible for the B402 to utilize WiFi for its cloud connectivity - just for testing purposes?

I believe the hardware supports this, but perhaps not at an OS level.

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Hi Alex,

No, the Boron/B-Series do not have WiFi capable hardware - it is cellular only.
If you are using the evaluation kit (https://store.particle.io/collections/cellular/products/som-evaluation-board) you can use the Ethernet connection for connectivity.
See https://docs.particle.io/reference/device-os/firmware/boron/#ethernet for steps to enable the Ethernet connectivity - the app helps with setting this up as well, although I have not tried it on the B-Series yet.

Thank you for that no1089! I’ve successfully connected my B402 Evaluation Kit via ethernet using the Android App. It’s worth noting that I could not get it to work programmatically however via the STARTUP(System.enableFeature(FEATURE_ETHERNET_DETECTION)); call.

That’s great news - although I don’t see why it won’t work with the code function. Can you try this in DeviceOS 1.5.0-rc.1/2? I don’t have one to test with unfortunately.

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