Possible to flash multiple devices at same time?

Is it possible to flash all of my Xenon’s using the web IDE at the same time instead of flashing one, then selecting a new one, etcetera until I have been through them all?
It seems like I had it select several Xenon’s at once, but I think that was a glitch…

Nope, not with Web IDE.

You can use CLI for that: Download the binary and have a single batch/script flash all your devices one-by-one.
The other option would be creating a Product in console.particle.io/products and let the cloud do the roll-out.


I haven’t progressed far enough to start looking at the product section.
I have been wondering what that section was. I’ll look at it and make sure that does the trick.


Greetings ScruffR,
Thanks for your post.
Can you give me just more detail about your answer please ?
For to be sure to understand :slight_smile:

Anything specific?
What is not clear?