Mesh: How many people can code on the same network at one time?

Hi- there are three of us and three Xenons on a mesh network. We seem to be unable to all code on the same network at the same time while logged into our respective accounts.

Q: if multiple people want to code on the same network simultaneously, can it be done?
If so, how?

For clarification:
You have multiple Xenons - each claimed to a different account - on the same gateway?
Who is the owner of the gateway?
Can the owner of the gateway flash “his” device successfully?
What exactly are the issues?
When you say coding you actually mean flashing, right?
I assume you are coding in Web IDE, right?
Can you signal the individually owned Xenons from the respective Web IDE session?

Having multilple nodes that are not owned by the same account connected to one (possibly entirely unrelated) mesh network is a non-standard use-case which I doubt was actively tested so far.
@rickkas7, what do you think?