Mesh with Xenon, can connect only two. Is there a limit?

I have an Argon gateway and three Xenons.
Process is to connect Argon to home network and set as mesh network, then connect Xenons to the network.
We can successfully connect two Xenons, but the third won’t connect.
Is there a limit? Thanks! ~Sophi

Hi @Sophi,

Did you set up the Argon first, or the Xenons (maybe with an Ethernet wing)?

I set up my Xenons, with the first one in an Ethernet wing. That Xenon became the Gateway for my network. When I tried to add an Argon to that network, the Particle cloud made me choose a different name, because you cannot have two gateway as a developer. (Or maybe you can, if you pay more for the High Availability to have two Gateways… I’m still trying to work this out.) -Z-

Hi Z-
Thanks for responding!
We set up the Argon first as the gateway, and then the Xenons as part of the mesh network connected to the gateway. ~Sophi

There is no enforced limit of Xenons that can connect to a particular network.
There are RAM constraints the will limit the practical number of nodes, but that should be well over 10 devices.
And there is a threshold of 9 connected nodes per standalone gateway after which you’d fall out of the free price tier into the payed category.

If you have troubles connecting another Xenon to your Argon mesh you can try using the Argon itself as the assisting device when joining the network.
The mobile app isn’t too clear about that step IMO, but when you add the Xenon to the network you’ll be asked for a device that already is part of the mesh as assistant. At that point press the MODE button of the Argon till the RGB LED turns blue, then proceede to the step where you’d need to scan the data matrix of the assisting device (don’t mind when the mobile app still asks you for a Xenon) and scan the Argon’s data matrix and carry on as normal.
That should usually help.