Plug GROVE shield and SparkFun Battery shield

Hi all

I already have the GROVE shield plugged to my Photon.
I also with to have the module autonomous for Battery, and saw this kind of hardware

Problem : both use the pins of the Photon.
So do you have an idea ? how could I still continue to use the GROVE shield and have a battery for power autonomy ? is it exists a battery when I can plug with using GROVE inputs ?

Thanks a lot for your helpful feedback :smile:

For example, this one is compatible with GROVE shield ?

it will power my photon if I just plug it to a GROVE pin ?

@perco, which Grove sheild are you referring to?

the one included in the kit

@perco, ok now I understand! The ideal situation would have been to use a set of stacking headers on your battery shield (long pins) that you could then insert into the Grove shield.

@perco, @peekay123 the SparkFun Battery shield is stackable. It has long male pins, see here:

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hum thanks mhdevx. So just to be sure. Based on this image :

on the top I got the photon, below I got the battery shield, and below this battery shield I should be able to plug the GROVE shield thats it ?

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Yes, correct. The pins should work fine, but Iā€™m not sure about the size of the battery shield and it it blocks the connectors of the Grove shield if you put that below. You can change the hardware doc at Sparkfun regarding the dimensions of the battery shield.