Li-Po Battery / Powercell

Hi all,

I am hoping to power my Photon based device using a 1250mAH Lipo battery. I wondered if anyone has any experiance using this and if thats all I need to attach a Lipo to my product?


I would recommend one of the Photon battery shields:

Both have a battery gauge! :slight_smile:

I agree with @hl68fx . I use the Sparkfun battery shield and it works great. You can communicate with the fuel gauge using I2C to read battery voltages, state of charge and alarm conditions.

Thanks guys. Looks good but I have my own pcb with other peripherals on and this would makes board to big.

You could have a look at the eagle files for the Photon Power Shield a see it you could incorporate the design into your PCB.

But sure the board you linked could be used too.

Thanks a lot good advice