Plans for Emulator?

I work for a large development crowdsourcing company and we have more and more customers who are asking if we can run IoT hardware challenges. I know there are emulators out there for the Arduino but we are big fans of Particle. Are there any plans to release a hardware emulator for the Photon? Or is there something you are using that I don’t know about.



Hey @kbowerma - That’s a great question. We currently don’t have any official plans but you’ve definitely brought up something that might be of interest to the rest of the Particle community.

We do have a virtual device. It is our firmware compiled to a command-line app which could be the basis of an emulator. If you or anyone else wants to give it a shot, it’s part of our firmware repo. You can find build instructions are here.

Maybe we can get enough traction to make it happen sooner than later!