PiHole adblocker and Electron setup


In case this helps…

I just set up a new Electron for the first time in a long time. After spending a frustrating hour or so trying different browsers to get past the spinning logo at the “enter sim” step in the instructions I remembered the post about disabling ad blockers and also remembered that I have PiHole running. I tend to forget that; it’s just so seamless in the background of my network.

Disabling PiHole for five minutes solved the problem. Posted in case it helps someone else down the line.

Keywords: Electron, sim card, setup


Thank you for posting this! I am going to solve it since you have posted a solution.


I’m using pi hole on my network as well, after recently installing it on one of my virtual machines on my home server.

Would it also work if the domains were whitelisted by pi hole?


One would think whitelisting would work. Thing is, before trying disabling PiHole I looked in the logs for a Particle domain to whitelist and did not find one that had been blocked. Maybe I missed it, maybe something else happened. I don’t have a definitive answer unfortunately.

PS - happy to help test. Would unclaiming and reclaiming cause any issues?


Did you guys make in progress on this? I installed a PiHole today and shortly after all of my Particle devices disconnected. The particle domain (device.spark.io) is white listed.

The weird part is that the device will connect to the cloud, but after a few hours it starts to breath green. A reset allows it to connect to the cloud, but it will fail again