Photon2 Wi-Fi setup from Mobile App

I started using the Particle Photon2 recently and tried multiple methods as suggested in the documentation to build a app to setup the Wi-Fi credentials but the app is not building properly for me.

Also is there any readymade app already exists for this?
I tried the P1 app but it's not supporting P2.

Any help is really appreciated.

There is no pre-built mobile app for configuring the P2 and Photon 2. The older Particle mobile apps cannot be used.

The recommended method is to use from a computer with the device connected by USB.

@rickkas7 What is the best practice for delivering products to end-users based on the Photon 2? In my case, each of my customer's jobsites would need to connect to the local WiFi at that site.

@rickkas7 so there is no way to configure the Wi-Fi using mobile app?

There are several options for configuring Wi-Fi for customer devices here:

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