Photon2 - Set Wi-Fi Credentials - Occasional RED SOS and other questions

So I just received an early Photon2, I have to say, the setup was a piece of cake using the new It’s been awhile since I played with WiFi so was excited to get things connected.

I then started testing the handy Configure Wi-Fi | Tools | Particle. Overall, that too seemed to be super simple.

I did have a few questions/observations:

  1. About 1/3 of the time the configure-wifi developer tool caused the Photon2 to red SOS. This normally happened when configuring a second/different WIFI then the first. It would SOS for 2 maybe 3 sequences and then reset. When it reset it was happy again though. I am pretty sure it was 10 blinks (Assertion failure) but not 100% sure. This happened 3-4 times maybe 1/3 of the time that I tried it. I’ll try and gather more specific info or maybe a video of that would help.

  2. Is there a guide of some sort on how to embed that same functionality within a customer facing “Web app”. I’m assuming it’s just some JavaScript running in the browser without any backend API calls to the Particle cloud right? I’d much rather use the same code or some simple library on the configure-wifi page than try and develop my own. On the flip side, I’d like to have the page be branded as my product or at least seamlessly integrated into my exiting web app rather than having a customer go to Particle.IO setup page. What would this take? Is there a guide or example code?

  3. I noticed the Configure Wifi tool only allows you to select a WiFi SSID that it currently sees in range. Would it be possible to manually add a WiFi SSID and Password using this same interface? I can see the scenario where someone wants to deploy a WiFi device but the location where they want to connect the device to WiFi doesn’t have a laptop/desktop PC. In this case, they could manually configure it where they have access to a computer and then take it to the location where there is WiFi to let it connect once powered on again.

I’ll need more information about 1. What version of Device OS is on the device?

Yes on 2, there will be a standalone version of Wi-Fi credential setting that’s just HTML/CSS/Javascript that you can embed in your website. It will be released this month (May 2023).

No on 3, I think. The problem is more than the tool doesn’t have a box to enter an SSID manually. The problem is that when you set credentials using the USB setup API, the device will validate them before storing them, so if the network isn’t visible, then the credentials won’t be saved.

As for item 1 (SOS):
Here is the info that it shows. This was brand new Photon2 out of the box. First configured using the and then I wanted to play with WiFi setting capability further so I used the tool. I never flashed my user firmware to it yet so it only has tinker.

Here is a quick video of the behavior. As you’ll notice, it does still connect after it resets. Normally I get the red SOS to happen when I first clear the credentials and then set them again either to the same SSID or a different SSID.

For 2: Sounds great and looking forward to it. I was hoping that was the case! This is very much why I love the Particle Ecosystem is a lot of this complexity is done for you and all we have to worry about is our specific product/application.

For 3: Yeah, this isn’t a likely scenario but depending on the use case, I could potentially see the need. Would make it easier to setup devices in bulk at home/central location when deploying many with each one using a different SSID. In this case, the user still has to find and drag a laptop out in the field as they deploy. I could see the scenario where someone installed WiFi for their phones or other devices and not have access to a laptop though. I guess, take this as a please consider feature enhancement for future versions of device OS. Not a huge priority…

Hey Jeff, there is this library that has a web page and works on photon 2 as well:

Also, if your users have mostly an Android phone or tablet around, they can use this app I published some time ago:


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Documentation for configuring Wi-Fi on customer P2, Photon 2, and Argon devices for product creators is now available! Include information on BLE provisioning mode and other available techniques.

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