Photon Without Headers 3D File Needed - Anybody Know Where to Find it?

I’m looking for a Step File like pictured but without the headers attached so my PCB renderings look like they will in real life where I do not use a Photon with Headers.

I so far can only find the 3D file with headers and was hoping somebody knew where to find the SMT version.

@BDub @mohit Anybody have any ideas if this file already exist?

Have you tried removing the pins from the model?
I guess you’ve got the model from here

AFAICT, the contributor has even provided the original Fusion 360 file on which you can do whatever you want.

This is how it looks after hiding the pins and solder blobs in F360


Thanks for the tip :wink:

I downloaded the free trial version of Fusion 360, opened the file, deleted the headers, exported to a STEP 3d File, and imported to KiCad successfully.

If anybody wants the Headerless Photon 3d STEP file it’s here: