Looking for 3d (wrl or step) file for Photon

Does anyone have a wrl or step file for the Particle Photon that I can use in KiCad?

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I found some in the past but then you have to figure out how to convert them to a format that the KiCad will accept which was usually challenging.

Here is one: https://grabcad.com/library/particle-photon-1

and another:


Here is a KiCad Froum thread about converting Solidworks files to something KiCad 3D accepts:

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Thanks @RWB! That’s exactly what I needed :wink:

If you get those to work share the converted file with me :slight_smile:

I use Kicad also and know getting 3D files for all your parts is nowhere near easy.

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@RWB, I didn’t have to convert anything. I used the .step files directly. Mind you, I am also using a very recent of the KiCad nightly build which is an RC for version 5.

Nice new feature!

Can you post a screenshot of what the Photon looks like in 3D view in Kicad?

Here it is rendered in full ray trace glory

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Is Ray Trace used in the new KiCad 5.0 build for 3D rendering?

I’m using KiCad 4.0.7 and I’m kinda afraid to upgrade to 5.0 in case something happens.

I have my design files backed up to Dropbox so I can always revert but did you upgrade to 5.0 from an older version without needing to make any changes to your current project and library includes for that project?

KiCad renders in a simpler format and you need to select ray tracing in the 3d viewer toolbar (3d cube on left of bar). I believe this is available in v4.7 as well.