Photon Wifi Chip Spec Questions

I know that the wifi radio got changed from a Ti cc3000 to some chip made by Broadcom on the Photon. What is the top speed of the wifi chip on the Photon?

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The maximum WiFi connection rate is 65mbits/s IIRC, but I’m having trouble finding a datasheet with that figure. Software throughput I expect to be considerably less than that.

So is the radio a N,G,B,A and I know that many of these standards are backwards compatible? For instance like a G based wifi radio can connect to a N network.

Max air rate on the 43362 is 65Mbps (802.11n, MCS7 modulation).

The radio is b/g/n (it does not do 802.11a, that is 5GHz only).

Each standard is separate - they are not strictly backwards compatible, but radios tend to implement all the older standards up to the newest one. Base stations often have modes that disable old modulation schemes as they can slow down the entire network (broadcasts & air negotiations are otherwise sent using the slower modulation so that older devices on the network can “hear” them).

802.11b (oldest) - CCK modulation, 11Mbps max bitrate
802.11g - OFDM modulation, 54Mbps max bitrate
802.11n (newest) - OFDM modulation, 65Mbps max bitrate. Technically it’s 802.11n HT20 (20MHz channel width). Wider channels have higher MCS levels and higher bitrates.