Photon version 2.2.0 has issues?

Ever since I updated my photon to 2.2.0 it has been failing to connect to wifi.
I had to add a 10 second delay after Particle.connect() on my setup because it just would give up and never connect.
Despite this I have to occasionally reboot the photon because it just keeps flashing green then cyan then green again forever.
I changed absolutely nothing on my code, except for a completely unrelated thing (inverted the logic of an LED).

I have several photons in production with paying clients on remote locations and if I update them and they never connect then I lost them (both the photons and my clients)…
any ideas?

Can you share the code where your device connects?

Are you using manual or semi-automatic?
Have you tried using automatic?

Please run cloud debug on the device and paste a couple of minutes of the logs.
Cloud debug (It won’t downgrade you to 2.1, but it is compiled for 2.1)

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