Photon: should be able to clone (or copy) wifi setup to a 2nd Photon

I have had repeated trouble using the iPhone Particle app to initialize a new Photon for certain wifi/Internet modems. Since I intend to use multiple Photons served by the same modem it would be easier if I could clone a working device to a new one. This could be done by connecting 2 Photons by USB to the same PC or Mac. Or (maybe better) just typing the network name & pass code over USB to a new Photon (but there may be other non-obvious info). Anyone else interested?

Sooo… this… ?

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So to do the “particle serial wifi” you have to install node.js then install the particle Terminal command. And the Mac has to be served by the wifi you want the Photon to connect to (I was trying this from a Mac that if 2’ from the wifi modem but the Mac was wired by ethernet: particle command didn’t find a network. I changed the Mac to wifi and it worked (sort of). But what I want is to do the Photon wifi setup when I’m NOT near the target wifi modem.

No not necessarily, but it helps (of course for the command itself you do, but not for the task).
Actually you can just use any serial monitor (CoolTerm, PuTTY, …) too.
Put your device into Listening Mode, send w and follow the prompts.

If you want to setup the credentials for a non-present network, you need to know and provide the Encryption AES/TKIP/… too (but you’ll be prompted for that as well)

You can also do manual setup with Particle CLI - so you don’t need to be near the router with this too.
Just read the prompts and consider the non-default options :wink:

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