Photon - setting wifi with USB serial failure

If I use the particle serial wifi command to try to pre load wifi credentials it will fail 2 out of 3 ways:

Fail 1 - at the first prompt allow the Photon to scan WiFi - it finds the right SSID, I provide the password, it never connects.
Fail 2 - at the first prompt tell the Photon not to scan WiFi - I type in the right SSID, the photo skips the security and cipher questions and goes straight to asking for the password, which I supply, it never connects.
Works - Kill the wireless network, at the first prompt tell the Photon not to scan Wifi - The Photon asks for security (which is WPA2) and cipher (which is AES+TKIP) as well as the password. Turn on the wireless network and the Photon will eventually connect.

As you can imagine, when you kill the wireless network other people in the building get a little annoyed. Is there someway to force the Photon to not guess the security and cipher for a an SSID that is active?

Are you haveing multiple APs (BSSIDs) sharing the same SSID?
What system version are you running on your devices?
Have you tried resetting the Photon after Case 1? With 0.7.0 I recently noticed that the device does not always fall out of LM to connect, but still has the credentials stored correctly. So a mere reset to get it out of LM does suffice for me.

If you don’t scan for the network but the network is visible you should not be asked for the WLAN cipher, only for the security protocol.

Photons are 6.3 and 7.0, if the SSID is present it skiip both cipher and security, so basically the first question it asks is irrelevant to the photon’s behavior.

I’ve tried resetting, power cycling, second attempts to program - if the SSID is present the photon does not get correctly configured.

It sounds like the router is not broadcasting the correct security and cypher information. What do you see from other clients, like a phone connected to the same network?

My phone and laptop work just fine. It would be really nice if after asking if I wanted it to scan the Photon would do as I said - I mean why ask?