Photon running latest 0.5.1 firmware runs app for minutes then flashes cyan and fails to reboot

Hi, I am a new photon user.

I have an issue where the photon running tinker, or an app of my choosing, gets online (I monitor its DHCP request/grant, and the LED breathing cyan) and runs the app fine. Unfortunately this only lasts 10’s of seconds, to small number of minutes until the LED flashes cyan and the app becomes unresponsive (in the tinker example the iPhone app stops being able to connect and toggle D7)

Watching the DHCP logs it seems to periodically request and be granted an IP, however it fails to resume running the chosen application, AND fails to be responsive online.

I have manually reflashed the photon to the most recent firmware 0.5.1.

Reading the forums/firmware notes it seems likely that it is generating multiple SOS’s causing reboot but then fails to reboot fully.

I have found but haven’t found anything interesting logged, other than indications that the device indeed was online, and then went offline. Nothing is sent to the USB serial interface (I have been watching). The issue seems to manifest both when attached via USB (to a Mac) or simply powered off USB, or, the breakout pins.

On a related note I am disappointed that it seems the photon needs to get online before allowing its flashed application to execute. Perhaps this is configurable?

Seems like a great platform (I learned about it while speaking with the Carloop folk at MakerFaire and plan to bring up an Electron after I iron out my issues with the photon)

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Not sure about the errors at this point, but the above is certainly configurable. Check these out :smile:

Thanks! SYSTEM_MODE(MANUAL) and not starting networking yields a breathing white LED and an app that seems to have run for a record length of time.

This seems to further the theory that something network related that the firmware is unhappy with is causing the not-so-successful reboots.

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Whoo hoo! welcome to the wonderful world of Particle, @keng. Just in case you are trying to look for stuff on this forum, it was previously codenamed Candlestick :wink: