Photon Relay board

I have often desired a small relay control utilizing a Photon and without a wall-wart power adapter. So…I designed this simple board and I’m already using it for an automated water feature (aka fountain) filler with it connected to an irrigation valve and a hose to a faucet. This project also utilizes an Alexa Smart Home Skill I developed based upon another post or two on this forum.

I’m sharing this in case others would like to have something similar. I already see options to make it smaller and provide options for more than the one digital input. I’m thinking a thermistor input might also be handy and obviously very simple. The fuse holder is mislabeled at 1A. It’s really a 200mA fuse.

Here’s a link to the Hackster project posting in case it’s of interest:
Small Photon Relay Board