Development Help Wanted

Development Help Wanted for custom Photon programming:

  • Pool temp project with heater control and relay control water pump
  • Sauna temp project heater control

Remote temp control using IFTTT

RFID: Card programming and IFTTT
Door control access using

I can pay for fees.

A more thorough explanation of requirements/expectations wanted.

In all seriousness, the more info you can offer, the more likely you are to find someone willing to help :slight_smile:

Hi, interested, can you send me a private message ?


I can Help to IF your interested Private message me

this is what i need

i want to set the temp via ios
ex: centigrades 30
and turn on the water pump (relay) till hits the goal
monitor the temp and turn relay on /off to maintain water temp

set goal temp ios
same as pool