Issue with Photon with Thinker and 4 Relay-Board

Hello Community,

I’m quit new to Photon, but have some experience with Arduino and NodeMCU.
Now I have a new challenge, because I want to automate my greenhouse with a Photon. The last years version was built with an Arduino.

My issue is, when I connect a 5V relay board to the Photon, i can switch all relays, but it I switch two at the same time, the photon reboots after some seconds. When switching on three, the Photon reboots after 3 seconds and if I switch all four, it reboots immediately.

Any ideas? Or is it caused by the Thinker App?


Hi @MikeM

It sounds like your power supply is not up to the task of handling that size load.


Thanks for the tip, I check it.

How exactly have you connected the board to the Photon?
Any specs/type of the realay board?

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it is a Arduino compatible 4 relay board, bought at Amazon. Connected to +5V and GND parallel to the Photon. Switch vis D2-D5. But bko’s idea was the right :smiley:

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100 points!!! now it works