Photon Particle + Play audio file hardware?

Hi I was wondering if anyone has explored playing an audio file and the extra hardware or some other device the photon could trigger to play one of a number of files depending on the signal in.

I’m new to the hardware side of things coming from a programming background…


Wav 1: "person x is at home"
Wav 2: “person y is at work”

or text to speech like Apple Talk or SAM on a small embedded device so you could send the message to it? hence making it more customisable?

Could it send data over serial to something like this?

Hi @thomen

If you just want to play recorded words, you can use a simpler and cheaper solution like this one:

If you need to actual have text to speech, then you need the more expensive module like the one you linked to.


Thanks BKO that looks perfect! I really appreciate it.

I’ll have to look at wiring. Being from a software background, wiring all of this up is a little mysterious :smile: