How to play audio file with Photon

i want to play an audio file in sd card using photon and sd card module.can anyone plz help me with this?

Reading the data from SD card is one thing but how do you intend to play it?
What audio format does your audio file have?

I want to play a .wav file

You can look at this library

I am trying to do like this using photon

But the problem is ,the libraries used in this r not available for particle.

The library I linked above in conjunction with the SdFat library would suffice to do what you want.
But you need get a general understanding of how each of the libraries work and put them together - noone will do it for you, and it wouldn’t be fun for you either.

I have moved the posts here into a separate thead as the original thread was about SdFat but not your main intend of playing audio files.

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