Error regarding library of playing sound file from sd card reader


i am new to particle. i am trying to do this project using photon . i have did some modifications in the code and included the packages in the library used in the project shown in the video.but getting this error.plz help


These error messages suggest that this code is meant for AVR based controllers but the Photon is fundamentally differrent as it is STM32F2 based.

You have other threads (here and here) with suggestions how to achieve what you want but left them to go stale and rather open up new frontiers. That won’t help you getting closer to your goal as it will put people off replying when their previous replies (in other threads) be ignored - hence you can count me out, sorry.

This community will (foremost) try to enable you to solve your problems, it’s not intended for spoon-feeding solutions or do the work for you.