Photon P1 basd IoT product: first time connection problems

We have built an IoT product on top of the Photon P1, we have designed the flow in such a way that when the customers connects to the P1 to the internet first time using SoftAP, it would get our firmware binaries flashed on their P1.

However we are discovering that the stock firmware that comes with the P1 doesn’t even expose a deviceId or a firmware version, so all customers are stuck at connecting the P1 through SoftAP and it doesn’t proceed.

So my question is, is SoftAP supported on P1’s running stock factory firmware or we are expected to connect each P1 via serial, connect it to internet get the firmware upgraded and then ship it?

@krazineurons I have a similar problem in that IOT product use clearly requires an internet connection and that requires the end customer to establish the device on their wifi with an internet connection. I have gone down the route of claiming the device and loading the application firmware in the factory. The photon is then claimed on the one account and future flashes are made from this account as well as remote management.

The wifi credentials setup is currently made through a password protected UI dialogue. Ideally I would like to ship the application to act as a WAP until the credentials are first established like the Particle setup process on the CLI but without the usb serial connection.