Photon mobile app stuck when disconnecting from softAP

I’ve just received my new photon and I wanted to set up it for the first time. In the university where I work they have an entreprise network. So we have a router without internet connection, and I trying to setup my photon using the mobile app in Android. The problem arises when I’m connecting the photon to the wifi network (which is hidden) using the manual option. it ticks configuring device wifi credentials, and connecting to wi-fi network, but stucks in disconnecting from softap. What can I do to finish the setup of my particle?


You can only claim a device to your account when it’s actively connected to the cloud. If there’s no internet connection, that’s going to be hard to do.
How are you planning on using the device? If you want to use it without internet, you’re going to have to flash over the USB, for which you’d need the CLI.
Regardless of what you’re trying to do, I’d recommend installing the CLI, since it’s one of the more useful tools to have.


Hi, I am working in a University with an enterprise network, that’s why I cannot connect my photon to that network. Instead, I’ve got a switch, and made a LAN for setup the photon. However, I found out that particle requires internet to be deployed. I took it home for the weekend to test it (using mobile and also installed particle CLI), and it is working, now with all the examples in the tutorial. The only problem I noticed is the poor reception of the photon, which is very limited If I move from my living room (where the modem is) to the bedroom. In fact, I need to work close to the home switch to have continuous connection to the network. Otherwise, I get disconnected time to time (signalized by the green light blinking).

Anyway, I wonder if it is possible to program the photon without internet, just by the USB, like a simple Arduino uno, or ESP32?

Do I need a special toolchain for that, any web reference?

I appreciate your comments.

@rodmor, you can use a local toolchain to do that:

All the instructions are on the repo. :wink:


If you mean that the Photon is not connected, but your other dev devices are, in addition to a full-fledged local toolchain you can still program the device via USB while building the firmware in the cloud (Web IDE, Desktop IDE or CLI).

But if you see that kind of bad reception with your Photon something else seems to be amiss.
I’ve got good reception through several walls in my home. Additionally you can attach a uFL antenna to the device to increase range (at least a bit).

Next, with Device OS version 0.7.0 the Photon should be able to connect to WPA2 Enterprise networks, but AFAIK the setup process for that isn’t yet incorporated in the mobile apps, but it’s on the back log.


But (as of this morning) there are instructions for setting up WPA2 Enterprise mode on a Photon using the Particle CLI: