Photon Output Voltage Level

Does anyone know where I can find the documentation that will show all of the voltage logic levels for the photon? I do not see it on the datasheet; I assumed that information would be here:

I’m mostly just looking for the maximum voltage level when a pin is set to HIGH (Voh) and whether or not that changes if your powered off of 5V from a USB cable or from something at a lower voltage like a 3.7V Lipo.

@AlexSneedMiller, all Photon pins put out 3.3v at a maximum of 20ma (and 120ma total current for entire Photon). It makes no difference if you power the processor off USB or LiPo (via Vin). HOWEVER, do remember that the onboard switching regulator drops out at 3.6v and going below that voltage on a LiPo is not recommended.

Thanks @peekay123

Is there a datasheet or something somewhere that I can reference this and other information in the future?

You were not too far off, just a bit further down from your own link

And for further insight this also refers to

Which can be found here

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