Electron GPIO Voltage Out spec (Min and Max)

Hello everyone,

I am configuring my Particle Electron to trigger an N-Channel MOSFET.

I wanted to confirm I had the proper voltage threshold in my design.

The Electron Datasheet goes into detail for the Input Voltage High and Low characteristics. Is there a similar spec for the voltage output of the Electron?

I believe it would be 3V3. However, I would like to be sure. What is the range of output voltage on the Electron?

The Vgs (Voltage Gate Source) of my MOSFET is 0.8V min and 1.5V out. Link

Thank you!

The output voltage of digital GPIOs is equal to Vcc of the controller which is ~3.3V and the max. current is stated with 25mA per pin with a total 120mA when engaging multiple pins.

For more elaborate info consult the STM32F205RGT6 datasheet (linked in the docs) page 103/178


Thank you @ScruffR for linking me to the detailed documentation.

It looks like for the CMOS Ports and TTL ports I have plenty of margin.

Can you suggest where can I find more information to know what these names correspond to for output pin labels on the Electron?

Also, for the last 2 conditions on the list, I(io) = +20mA and I(io) = +6mA, I’m having difficulty conceptualizing what those conditions are, can I get your help explaining what is happening in these states?

Thank you for your help!

What names are you refering to? The schematic in the link I posted above does give you the relation between the GPIO name (e.g. PB0) to the Electron pin name (e.g. B2)

And the Condition column depicts the external conditions for which these figures apply, e.g. you have a lower Vdd (instead of 3.3V only 2V~2.7V) and a load on that pin which would cause a current of 6mA to flow “out” of the GPIO

Ah, sorry about that.

I’m not sure what CMOS and TTL ports refer to in terms of pins on the Electron.

CMOS ports are 3.3V only ports while TTL ports are 5V tolerant.

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