Can the gpio pins of the electron be used as 3.3V supplies if set to HIGH?

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Due to a design flaw, I may need to use a GPIO pin as the 3.3V supply for a sensor I am connecting to my Electron. Normally, I would obviously use the 3V3 pin for this but is there any downside to using any other GPIO pin set to HIGH as a voltage supply? The current draw should be well under 50mA (I cant find the max for the gpio pins in the documentation). Is there any downside to doing this?


Quick search of the forum turns up this:

Bottom line: stay under 25mA on the GPIO pins.


what kind of sensor? The pins are PWM so the output will be noisy and could interfere with the readings. I tried using it with a thermistor (sub 1mA draw) so well below the 20 mA or so limit, and the particle device was fine with it, but my temperature readings were very inaccurate. Wound up just switching it off / on using a high-side transistor from the 3.3V pin.