Photon no longer publishing events?

So I have a program that fetches weather data via webhook using Particle.publish. It was working fine for months.

However, now - for some reason, the events are not publishing. It is connected to the wifi, I have sucessfully re-flashed using multiple versions of the photon firmware to no avail.

Dashboard is not showing any activity from the photon.

Any ideas what could possibly going on?


Mine stopped working also.

I’ve been tinkering with it and am starting think the problem is on particle’s side. The API call works fine in a browser and the data parses correctly, but i don’t get data on the particle dashboard. Furthermore, I get a “failed” response when re-flashing the code. However, simple code such as tinker and blink flash fine.

I’m kinda new here and i’ve pretty much exhausted my troubleshooting abilities. I hope a solution comes soon!

Edit: Got mine working! I used the CLI to delete and then recreate the webhook.

You can ignore this, it’s a known bug in the mechanism to assess if OTA was successful or not.

There also was a webhook problem last weekend that still seems to be not fully cured yet - Particle is at it, but recreating the webhooks saves you the waiting :wink:

Thanks. Recreating the webhook did end up working.

I am getting this problem with Particle.publish. My program used to run great, now there is either a huge delay or I do not get an results from the web. I have notices that the more events I publish the slower the program responds. For example if I publish 1 or 2 events everything is okay. How ever once I get up to 4 events the photon never gets the data back from the cloud. It is very frustrating. It seems to coincide with the electron launch[anecdotal]. Is the Particle company having issues on their end???

One of my photons is also not publishing! At startup (setup commands) I get a “hello world” and a debug status published. Then nothing is published. Reflashing the code does not help. Could renew firmware help? If yes, how do I do that?

@genji, sharing your code might help us help you!


Rule of thumb: Post your code when you have problems with it :wink:

But I suspect you are running into the publish rate limit. Add some delay(1000) between publishes.